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Welcome to Creative Notes

An expressive and supportive space of self discovery, creativity and voice! Alongside our 1-2-1 lessons for both adult and young creatives, explore our weekly 'Creative Note', feel-good content, creative insights, vocal tips, and much more.

Young Creatives

Singing, Piano and LAMDA Lessons for Children & Teens with our excellent coaches. Online & London

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Vocal Coaching

Singing Lessons with Founder & Coach Jessica Stonebanks MA BMUS EFP

Online & London


Upcoming: Mind, Body & Voice Restorative Day in the Cotswolds

Tues 4th June 2024

Creative Note

Weekly blog and online material

Jessica Stonebanks Founder and Coach

"Daydream, imagine, and reflect. It's the source of infinite creativity"


- Deepak Chopra

A note from founder, coach and creative Jessica Stonebanks:

"There is nothing I find more rewarding than helping individuals find their voice! Giving singers the tools and confidence to express themselves through their voice is a gift and something I feel everyone should have the opportunity to do.


I have been working as a freelance performer and coach for the passed 15 years, and through my experiences both personal and professional, I have come to realise that getting creative with ones voice, body and mind can have a profound and empowering impact. The name Creative Notes speaks to my commitment to nurturing not only musical talents but also the holistic well-being of individuals, believing that the power of creative expression, can be a transformative force for mental and emotional health.

Alongside offering excellent quality lessons in singing, piano and acting for both adult and young creatives, Creative Notes is on a path to offer a spectrum of experiences, including singing, voice work, movement, yoga, art exploration, meditation, and even transformative retreats and workshops.

I invite you to explore what we offer and also subscribe to our weekly Creative Note, a source of inspiration, tips, and updates on the various experiences we offer, where you or your child's creative potential is celebrated and nurtured.

To register your interest and be the first to know, get in touch!"

Jessica singing at the Theatre Cafe West End London
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