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Workshops & Retreats

Diane, Workshop Participant

" I have recently attended a Mind, Body and Voice workshop held by Jessica and artist Jane Wharton.  Not knowing what to expect and feeling rather nervous at the thought that I might have to sing in front of others, I was instantly put at ease by Jess’ warm, kind and your in safe hands demeanour.  The morning session involved meditating, learning to breathe properly and voice exercises,  by the end of which we were able to sing several songs together confidently, having started out as complete strangers.  It was a heart and soul touching experience.  After a delicious lunch, we then had our artistic skills coached skilfully out of us by the lovely, very talented Jane, which resulted in a surprisingly good watercolour painting.  A great end to a very rewarding day and very much thanks to both Jess’ and Jane’s professionalism and passion for their respective subjects. I highly recommend the workshop and I am looking forward to participating in future events. "

simple one line work using purple blue a

Mind, Body & Voice:
Restorative Day in the Cotswolds

Tuesday 4th June 2024 1000 - 1700

Stanton Guild House, Stanton, Broadway WR12 7NE


Indulge in a full day dedicated to revitalizing your mind, body, and unleashing your creative voice where we intertwine the elements of mental peace, physical well-being, and artistic expression.

Creative Notes has teamed up with Jane Wharton Art to bring you a day of reset!

Our day begins with a warm welcome, setting the tone for what promises to be a day to make time for you! Dive into a tranquil meditation and breathwork session, guiding you to centre your thoughts and find the present moment. Then, embark on a gentle movement session, awakening your body with fluid stretches and empowering movements.

Next, experience the uplifting release of endorphins as you sing and explore your voice, we will explore the power of your voice through expert-led exercises designed to release and unlock your vocal potential. Through sounds, spoken word or simple song, discover the joy and confidence of expressing yourself through the use of voice. The voice session will end with group harmony, leaving you with a a sense of joy and well-being.

After, enjoy a delicious and nourishing lunch.

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in a captivating art workshop where you'll delve into the intricate art of watercolour and pen. Tap into your creative intuition as you create mesmerizing patterns, allowing your imagination to flow freely onto the canvas.

Join us for "Mind, Body and Voice: Restorative Day", and ignite your creativity in the company of like-minded individuals, led by artist Jane Wharton and vocal coach Jessica Stonebanks.

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